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PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION 444 cromado 11.5" ...13´´Dyna 1991-2017, Heavy Duty


 Amortiguadores PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION 444 cromado  11.5" a  13 ". Dyna 1991-2017, Heavy Duty

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795,22 € impuestos incl.

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Amortiguadores PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSSION 444 cromado 11.5" a 13", uno de los mejores y reconocidos fabricantes de amortiguadores, nos ofrece su mejor version en cuanto a prestaciones la version 444. 

Heavy Duty, version reforzada para mas peso.


  • Features the all new Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) which allows the shocks to sense the frequency of a bump and automatically adjust damping for superior ride quality.
  • Deflective disc valving. Adjust spring pre-load by hand, no special tool needed. Includes a progressive rate spring and is high-pressure gas charged for consistent performance.
  • Standard or heavy duty spring rate with a black or chrome finish.
  • Sold in pairs.
    NOTE: A shock which is slightly longer than stock may alter the head angle slightly and provide somewhat quicker steering.
    NOTE: A shock which is slightly shorter than stock may slightly alter the head angle and provide somewhat slower steering.
    NOTE: For OEM shock lengths, see the Quick Reference Guide in the back of the FatBook.
    NOTE: Heavy Duty Applications are recommended for bikes that are operated at or near the manufacturer's maximum load rating over 50% of the time.